Your Machinery Upkeep Solution

Guardian Machine Protection helps you reduce your maintenance costs, extends the life of your assets, and increases plant productivity by managing and performing the preventive maintenance for you.

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    The Maintenance Challenge

Did you know that you can save 12-18% by investing in preventive instead of reactive maintenance?

Did you know that the reliability of your equipment can improve by as much as 35% to 50%?

Maintenance management typically takes up at least 40-50% of a business' operational budget?

Businesses, on average, spend 80% of their time reacting to maintenance issues that arise rather than preventing them.

Reduce your downtime and increase your productivity by letting us schedule and perform preventive maintenance for you
Maintenance staff can reduce stress and have time to focus on whats important by letting us take care of the preventative work for them
Keep your your highly skilled maintenance staff focused on getting down machines up and running faster
Let preventive maintenance be our headache so you can focus on running your business
Your workforce will be happier when their tasks are clear and relevant to their skill sets
We give you back your time and reduce your stress by worrying about preventive maintenance management for you
We provide consistency, reliability, and accountability so you can realize the results of preventive maintenance
Your operators will feel safer if they know someone is taking care of their machines
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    The Guardian Difference

Get a feel for how much you will pay by taking our free online assessment
Our Trial Period is a good way to try before you buy. You are in control.
There are no setup fees and service starts as soon as you sign up
We consult and guide you every step of the way to make sure your preventive maintenance plan is effective and not redundant
Guardians proactive approach manages your preventive maintenance tasks and schedules technicians when its most convenient for you
Know what is happening with your preventive maintenance at a glance from a live dashboard on your phone, tablet, or pc
Your production and safety of employees are top priority, that is why we can be at your facility anytime 24/7
Our skilled technicians can perform a wide range of maintenance and corrective repairs
Analyze the performance of your preventive maintenance at a glance from a live dashboard on your phone, tablet, or pc
Control you plan cost by re-assessing and scaling your plan up or down to fit your business and financial needs

Simplify your maintenance today!