Machinery Upkeep Solution

Guardian Machine Protection helps you reduce your maintenance costs, get more life out of your assets, and increase plant up-time, by managing and performing the preventive maintenance for you.

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    The Maintenance Challenge

Manufacturers can spend up to 30 times more in costs by deferring preventive maintenance. This leads to more plant downtime and replacing assets sooner. By performing regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, you increase asset reliability and lifetime.

A successful preventive maintenance program will provide consistency, accountability, and a change in behavior.


Small manufacturers often list the following barriers to performing proactive, preventative maintenance: 

Maintenance management systems are too expensive
Takes too much time and money to train staff
More record keeping leads to lower morale
No accountability to do preventive maintenance
Don't know where to begin
Not enough time
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    The Guardian Solution

Guardian Machine Protection will manage your entire preventive maintenance program. This includes: PM task management, scheduling, notifications, work order generation and reporting.  The Guardian solution offers:

Free assessments and onboarding
Affordable and predictable pricing
Plans scaled to your business needs
Decreased administration costs
Proactively scheduled visits
Performance monitoring
Dependable, consistent and reliable service
Accountability and change in behavior
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    The Guardian Difference

60 day trial period
No onboarding, setup, or implementation fees
Can use service right away
We inspire proactive accountability
We help bring about change in behavior
We augment your maintenance staff with our service

Simplify your maintenance, today.